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My own personal favourite Big Cat photos

Photos from our mega Fam trip safari in Kenya from 8th - 15th December 2009 can be viewed here, our 2nd fam trip (May 2010) can be viewed here  3rd fam trip Jan 2011 here and Safari in Dec 2014 in Amboseli and Tsavo.   Also added Ikweta (Meru), Galdessa & Ndololo (Tsavo E) and Kibo (Amboseli)


Lodges and Tented Safari camps

The intention of these pages is to give an idea of the different safari accommodation - all pictures taken on the same digital camera by someone who is in no way a talented photographer! (me) so you can get some idea of a fair comparison - “what you see is what you get”

Camps we have personally stayed at .........

Tsavo East - - Ngutuni Lodge - Actually just outside Tsavo East in it’s own private game sanctuary

Tsavo East - - Voi Safari Lodge - Famous well established lodge with “photo hide” viewing chamberV

Tsavo East - - Ashnil Aruba Safari Lodge - Brand new lodge next to the Aruba dam

Tsavo East -   Man-Eaters Safari Camp - Luxury tented camp on the banks of  Tsavo river

Tsavo West - - Ngulia Safari Lodge - Your best chance of seeing Leopard as meat is hung out daily to attract this magnificent cat.

Tsavo West - - Kilaguni - an old style safari lodge with great floodlit water-hole viewing, part of the Serena group

Tsavo West - - Severin Safari Camp - luxurious un-fenced tented camp and spa, with a strong emphasis on preserving the environment

Tsavo West - - Finch Hattons - Extremely luxurious tented camp - safari in the style of Denys Finch Hatton of “Out of Africa” fame complete with 7-course dinner, and Mozart

Amboseli - - Kibo Tented Safari Camp - Budget accommodation with fantastic views of Kilimanjaro

Amboseli - - Kilima Lodge - recently opened - very high standard of “tent”

Nakuru - - Flamingo Hill camp - a beautiful camp just a very short drive from the gate

Masai Mara - - Fig Tree Camp - tented camp (also cabins) on the river Talek

Masai Mara - - Royal Mara - Out of this world!’ - small luxury camp on the river Mara

Masai Mara - - Ashnil Mara - luxury tented camp on the Mara river

Masai Mara - - Mara Timbo - small secluded camp with amazingly luxurious tents

Masai Mara - - Mara Serena Safari Lodge - high on an outcrop of rock

Masai Mara - - Governors Tented Camp - fantastic location, home of BBC “Big Cat Diaries”

Camps we have visited .........

Tsavo East - -Voi Wildlife Lodge

Tsavo East - - Manyatta Tented camp - luxurious, with individual pool for each tent

Tsavo East - - Galdessa Tented Camp - luxurious tented camp on the Galana river

Taita Hills Sanctuary - - Salt Lick Game Lodge

Tsavo West - - Rhino Valley Lodge

Amboseli - - Ol Tukai

Masai Mara - - Keekorok Safari Lodge

Masai Mara - - Explorer and Intrepids Tented Safari Camps

Masai Mara - - Little Governors & Il Moran

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