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My own personal favourite Big Cat photos

Foster an orphan elephant & visit the baby elephant orphanage


Photos from our mega Fam trip safari in Kenya from 8th-15th December 2009 can be viewed here, our 2nd fam trip (May 2010) can be viewed here  3rd fam trip Jan 2011 here and in Dec 2014 safari in Amboseli and Tsavo.   Also added additional lodges Ikweta (Meru), Galdessa & Ndololo (Tsavo E) and Kibo (Amboseli - new pics of Kibo, newly refurbished) 

Safaris and Excursions

Depending upon your location and the duration of your stay in Kenya there are many different options available to you. If your time is limited we offer one-day excursions and trips, or if you have longer we offer the full safari experience with safaris of varying lengths and modes of transport to suit your needs. The safaris shown are a guide only to the typical packages on offer from either Mombasa or Nairobi, but all holidays can be tailored to suit your own individual requirements.

If travelling from Mombasa, take a look at the excursions, air safaris and road safaris available.

Elephant & tent

but for full details see: Excursions from Mombasa


Excursions from Mombasa include:
Mombasa City Tours
Bush Tours
Shimba Hills
Malindi & Gede Ruins
Marineland Dhow
Funzi & Kisite Island
Wasini Island

If travelling from Nairobi then check out the many options available from there

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